A Pilates Instructor since 2004, Penny attended Ryerson Theatre School (Toronto, Ontario)

in 1988 where she studied anatomy, ballet, national dance, tap, modern dance, music, and pedagogy. She then moved to British Columbia, continuing to pursue her passion for dance instruction and obtaining her teacher's certification in Modern Dance from the Association
of International Dance Teachers, where she is still an active member.

Penny discovered the world of Pilates while living in Northern BC;  when her family returned to the Lower Mainland, she continued taking Pilates classes and began training as a Pilates instructor. In 2004, she obtained her BCRPA certification - Mat Pilates followed by her comprehensive PMA certification in 2013.

Penny continues develop as an instructor bringing energy and artistry to her hands-on style of teaching. Sharing her passion and love for Pilates, her clients achieve increased strength, flexibility, body control, and proper alignment.



Tracy was introduced to Pilates as a student over 10 years ago. As a dance teacher she fell in love with the classical pilates method of balance of body, mind and spirit. In 2009 she made the plunge into the world of Joseph Pilates, studied under Matilda Christensen and Veronica McClurg, and graduated the Teacher Training Program which is a one year program and requires over 950 hours of intense training. This program is recognized as one the most well respected and thorough programs in the world who’s headquarter are at “The Pilates Centre” in Boulder Colorado.

Tracy continues to explore Pilates by taking classes and workshops and believes that there is no end to the depth of the work. She truly believes that Pilates is the best form of exercise and considers it to be life changing not only physically but mentally. Tracy brings both energy and enthusiasm to her classes and enjoys watching clients feel the wonderful benefits of movement done correctly.


V Studio Pilates

# 201 - 1380 Dominion Avenue

Port Coquitlam, BC

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MOna Valdes

Studio Director, owner

Mona is a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrel, Injuries and Special Population. She is also working on her Rehab Pilates certification, in order to help her post-rehabilitation clients.  

Mona's background as a Medical Doctor is another tool that helps her evaluate her clients' fitness needs. During her years of medical practice Mona learned the great benefit of a holistic approach in treating her patients. 

Mona's passion for Pilates was sparked by the realization that the method puts value on the body's capability to heal, correct, and transform itself once the mind-body connection is established.


She is an active mother of 5 who believes that Pilates is a means for people to engage in the activities and lifestyles that they love.  The method allows continued performance at the highest levels, while helping to prevent injuries caused by muscular imbalances and bad habits.

Mona Valdes V Studio owner director
V Pilates Studio Vancouver BC


Pilates – the more you learn, the more you realize there is so much more to know.
With over 500 hours of Pilates education Theresa continues to study and enjoy being a student of Pilates.

Although her education is Classical Pilates she does not hesitate to reach into the contemporary style if it will benefit her client.

Theresa believes that Pilates is an intelligent form of exercise that will benefit all those who try it. She approaches her work with enthusiasm,

kindness, and a sense of humor.

Free time will find Theresa with family and friends hiking, cycling, kayaking, snow shoeing and just having fun!


Pam is a certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Level 1- Mat & Reformer. She got fascinated with Pilates while she was a client herself because of the total body workout she got in tension-free movements.

However, she never thought that she would be teaching this until an opportunity for a career change came when her family decided to move to Canada, from running her own storage business to now inspiring others on the benefits of Pilates. This led her to getting her certification before her move last 2014.

Seeing the transformation in her clients after doing just a few sessions of Pilates, keeps Pam motivated to continue teaching.

Pam’s personal interest also includes dancing, playing golf or badminton & running. She loves to be active to keep up with the engaging lifestyle here in Vancouver.
Pam is also a wife to a triathlete & mother of 3 active children.

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Kelsey Lyster

Kelsey is a Pilates instructor trained in Reformer, Tower, Chair, and Mat. After playing 3 years on the Douglas College women’s soccer team, she graduated in 2005 with a Sports Science Diploma. Her passion for fitness led her to Pilates, and in 2006 she was certified to teach Mat exercises through the BCRPA. 

In 2009, Kelsey completed the 900+ hour teacher training program from The Pilates Center located in Boulder, Colorado.  In April of 2014, she graduated from The West Coast College of Massage Therapy, and a Registered Massage Therapist With over 8 years of experience teaching Pilates and fitness, Kelsey has worked with people of all ages, and abilities ranging from rehabilitation to sport conditioning for high-level competitive athletes. She loves to empower her clients with the tools necessary to achieve their potential in health and wellness, and she is passionate about helping people find more balance in their bodies. Whether it is therapeutic exercise or cross-training fitness, Kelsey draws from her wide range of experiences to deliver specific and personalized instruction to obtain positive results.


Morgan recently moved to BC from Edmonton to pursue her Pilates career full-time. She is a Pilates instructor and professional ballet dancer.  Morgan is STOTT Pilates and Garuda certified in Advanced Matwork (both Pilates and Garuda), Advanced Reformer and Apparatus (both Pilates and Garuda), and Garuda Barre.

She started taking private lessons since she was 13 years old, and kept up with this training consistently, together with years of ballet. The love for Pilates bloomed and  she began to see a new career right in front of her. Being able to help others with the knowledge she has gathered over the years is source of fulfillment.

 She has had the privilege of working with a great variety of clients, teaching private lessons to clients with past or present injuries, clients with MS, drop-foot syndrome, hip impingments; as well as athletes like hockey players, figure skaters, and dancers.