• Classes are 55 minutes long
  • ​Prices do not include 5% GST

Intro to Pilates  
If you are new to Pilates, this course is a prerequisite before you join Group Classes.  Our package includes 3 Private Sessions where your trainer’s sole attention is on assessing your needs and goals.  It is during these sessions that your trainer will also be able to learn about your body and it's tendencies based on the postural analysis and your biomechanics.  This is where you will learn the basic principles of Pilates, cueing, and deper equipment orientation. ​Customized workout recommendations will be established.

Price $180

Intermediate Pilates Class Vancouver BC
Private for runners Vancouver BC
Duet Pilates Class Vancouver BC
Private Pilates Class Vancouver BC
Quartet Pilates Class Vancouver BC

Pilates For Runners Quartet Class

Running is a great sport with many health benefits. However, bad running form and habits can create imbalances and tightness in the hips, back and hamstring. This class will help you improve your running performance, and decrease the risk of injury by restoring your muscular balance, strengthening your core, and increasing flexibility.  Three dimensional breathing will be a focus in this class, in order to show you how breathing efficiently can help your running.

Prerequisite : Intro to Pilates course, or your Instructor's consent (based on assessment).

Price starting from $25.8 per person/session

Intermediate/Advanced Equipment Quartet Class

This fun, faster-paced, total body conditioning workout will bring your core and peripheral strength, balance, and stability to the next level.

Prerequisite : Beginner Equipment Quartet Class.

​Price starting from $25.8 per person/session

Back Care Quartet Class

This class is designed for clients with lower back problems. The session focuses on body awareness, and on posture and movement habits that may lead to spinal problems. Recognize your weaknesses, and eliminate these through Pilates exercises.

Prerequisite : Student must first attend a minimum of 5 private sessions.

​Price starting from $25.8 per person/session

Beginner Equipment Quartet Class

This class teaches the foundation of Pilates principles and technique, mastering the mind and body connection, and developing core strength through a series of basic Pilates exercises.

​Prerequisite : Intro to Pilates course.

Price starting from $25.8 per person/session

Private Session

This is a one-on-one session with your Pilates instructor, scheduled at a time most convenient for you. Your workout is personalized based on your specific needs. It is highly recommended that post rehabilitation clients take this type of training.

Price starting from $ 70 /session

Duet Class

Have a semi-private training session with a friend or a loved one.  Training with a partner that has a similar fitness level to yours is beneficial for programming, and may reap benefits from the more personalized supervision. 

Prerequisite : Intro to Pilates course. 

Price starting from $35 per person/session

Quartet Classes

We offer several levels of Quartet Classes, all using Reformer, Tower, Mat, or Wunda Chair . These classes have a maximum of 4 students per session.


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New Client Special ($80 Value)

A 55-minute private session that gives you a glimpse of what real Pilates is all about, and what it can do for you. The Instructor provides an assessment, a postural analysis, and a goal setting dialogue. This is followed by an introduction of the various apparatus developed by Joseph Pilates. Most of the session will involve an actual workout on the apparatus (around 30-40 minutes.)

Price  $30

V Pilates Studio Vancouver BC

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